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No, I am not talking about the green thing that grows in the garden, nor am I talking about about the stuff that you must be smoking while reading this article :p . Grass is a restaurant at Nakshatra Mall near Dadar railway station towards the west. The place is located amongst the hustle bustle of Dadar area. The restaurant is right next to the theatre on the 2nd floor. The first glance at the place – a not so brightly lit but adequately pleasant atmosphere. The place is sufficiently lit considering since there's no wall/windows facing the road, just an open gallery. The seats and quite nice and comfortable and about 4-7 people can fit on each table. The food served ranges from Indian to Mexican to Chinese to Italian. Alcohol, soft drinks and hookah are also served. The preferred item on the menu is, without doubt, hookah, like most hookah joints I have seen

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