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BPT Gardens

Met up again with junior college friends yesterday. And as always we were up to our stupid jokes, babe talks and business discussions. While all that was going on we paid a visit to BPT – Bombay Port Trust Gardens at Colaba, near Navy Nagar. It's a really scenic and picturesque garden. Located right on the coast near Navy Nagar. It's provides an absolutely awesome view of Mumbai port near Navy Nagar, which is quintessentially naval area. You can see the tall and beautiful buildings in the area. You can also have a peek at TIFR, which is located at the end of Navy Nagar area. At the place where we sat, we saw a stunning cottage by the sea side with glowing light, turning more beautiful as it grew darker. We didn't figure out what the mysterious place is but it's too beautiful to be described. The trees are really well maintained, hardly any garbage around and the place is much quieter than any I have seen in Mumbai. Worth way more than Rs. 2 per head per visit. If you live/visit to mumbai and love visiting scenic locations, this one's definitely in my recommended list of places to visit.

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