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BarCampMumbai is back again. The same venue, different format. BCM4 is happening on 4th-5th October 2008 at IIT Powai. Yeah, you read it right it's a 2 day event this time around. There are some other changes too, for better and for worse – as you see it. This time around only way to get to the barcamp is to get involved. You can either volunteer for helping manage the event or you can register as a speaker. A good thing for me as I already wanted to give a shot to volunteering but was a bit late last time around. You can register for volunteer at Volunteer's Page or register your session in Registration Document. There's also a logo competition running at BCM this time around for all you creative people.

Venue:- SJMSOM, IIT, Powai, Mumbai Date:- 4th to 5th October 2008

To get news and updates about all the happenings till the countdown clock ticks you can

  1. Join mailing lists and get in touch with the enthusiasts and discuss at

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