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Night Cycling

Mumbai is popularly known as city that never sleeps. I have been a witness and contributor to it since college days. Those days we used to spend time with friends sitting around Churchgate station having chai and bun maska or go out with my bike and travel and length and breadth of Mumbai. Mumbai is far from quiet at that hour. It's abuzz with activities from night time food hawkers to merry party goers to cars owners racing on the empty roads to various kinds of shady people lining the streets to make money. Amongst such night creatures is us new breed of cyclists, who enjoy going out for rides in the night. Joined by a group of 10-15 cycling enthusiasts from all across the city, we gather at a pre-determined starting point and cycle around the city. We are greeted to the sights of curious passer-by's who inquisitively ask us about cycling, teenagers driving around rashly, deserted by-lanes of the city and so much more.

Some of my memorable moments from night ride are:-

  1. Wide empty roads of Reclamation.

  2. Climb up Mt. Mary road and fast paced descent down to Bandstand.

  3. Silent lanes around Carter Road.

  4. Curious people popping around to cheer us cyclists.

  5. Sitting in group and late night grub at Dadar and CST.

  6. Busted party at Worli Seaface.

  7. Enjoying the breeze and waves at Worli Seaface and Marine Drive.

  8. The tiring steep climb opposite PDP.

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