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Cycling Bug

I started cycling in my school days and used to ride my bicycle regularly but almost gave it up ever since I came in the college. But, a year back I returned back to cycling after buying a new bicycle.

But, I was hit by cycling bug last month after reading tweets from Mrugesh, Aalaap and Shakti on cycling.

It first started with cycling off to work, which has slowly become a regular activity for me. I end up cycling about 100-150km per week. One downside to this activity is the amount of sweat that I end up with. The scorching heat doesn't help any, adding to the amount of sweating. And the lack of bath rooms means I have to make do with 2 pairs of shirts each day. But, totally worth it. It's also fun to have a look at people who stare at me as if I was an alien just cos I wear formals while cycling. Kya kare there's no way out.

Besides cycling to work, I go cycling on Sunday morning with the group at The event, started by Aalaap, is known as Ride The Weekend. A group of people numbering from 2-6 people meet up at Shivaji Park at <s>7 a.m.</s> 6:30 a.m. and go to different locations around Mumbai. In the 5 RTW's that have happened so far we have been to Bandra, Marine Drive, Wadala and Worli Seaface. Each ride has been awesome – meeting new people, learning more about bicycles in the process. Lately, a event has been happening on Saturday mornings too. People gather at Bandra at 6:30 a.m. and go riding. I am looking forward to join them this week. If I can find a place to have a bath along the way, I could stay for the whole event. Among my cycling to do list is getting a helmet, always be safe than sorry. And prolly buy a new bicycle in the next couple of months. My current Hero Hawk was never bought with such long rides in mind.

If you're into cycling and in India, do join they have lots of people spread around India and visiting different places. And if you live in Mumbai you could join us for RTW and other events.

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