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Welcome the New Year

Ring out the old, Ring in the new

This is the quote which comes to my mind this new year. Year 2008 was an eventful year worldwide, though it will be remembered more for it's negative consequences more. There have been some really sad events that have affected all of us in the year gone by – the recession, personal tragedies, terrorism, political controversies, natural calamities and lots more. But, it's so great to see people fighting all that back, building up their life to adapt to the circumstances and coming out stronger through it all. Personally, I have seen some tragedies in my life, too. With the year lowest point being my dad's sudden death which left my whole family in a very vulnerable state. I am glad to see that we have all pulled through that phase and have moved on with life without any further hiccups. The very same year has brought in a lot of good things for me, too. It has been a learning experience to participate in various events that I have participated in from Technovanza to BarCamp to various other meet-ups. With the family responsibilities on my shoulder, I have had an opportunity to learn so many things I just took for granted. I have met many people who have enriched my knowledge and left lasting impressions on my mind. Now, we have entered a new year. A year full of hopes and aspirations. I am in a much better situation then I ever was as regards my career. For the first time in my life I know my short term and medium term goals although my long term goals are a bit sketchy. I also see a lot of activities happening in this year, which promise so much more for me, gladly looking forward to those in the upcoming days. This year threatens to show us the lows of economic depression and terrorism. But, at the same time it gives us the strength to fight back all the negatives and come out shining and better sculpted at the end of it all. Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year for 2009.

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