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Water Woes

Ironically, it's the heavy downpour in Mumbai that's making me sit at home and write this blog entry on water shortage in our building last week. Eight days back, one of the 4 water tanks – each tank for each floor, burst. So, the people on the 2nd floor were left without water till the tank was repaired. This scarcity of water created chaos as many people were left without water. Instead of co-operating to solve the problem, some of them, idiots as they are, decided it would be a better idea to cut off all the wires to the water pumps so no one else in the building gets any water. So, for two days the whole building had to face a huge shortage of water and the repair work was set up on a fast track. This article is more so about the stupid and narrow minded thinking of the small subset of people causing inconvinence to majority, then about the shortage of water.

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