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The Conversations

People say that there is nothing better than heart to heart conversations. For introverts like me, with social awkwardness, those are hard to come by. But the ones that do are highly cherished. They touch my heart and make their space in my mind.

On most days I am just a boring person with barely any skills to hold a long conversation but when I meet some people who ooze passion, it transforms me. Passion is a language I understand. The language that I am fluent in. The conversation starts flowing. I don’t want it to end.

These conversations inspire me. They make me live a life I have never lived. Experiences quite different from mine. I live them through their words. I am fascinated.

I desire for of this. The words that hit you hard, the ideas that open you up to newer possibilities. It is so powerful that it pierces your heart.

I desire more of these moments in my life. I look forward to encounters with these kinds. Their words will live in my soul, long after they are gone from my life.

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