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Finally Hathway has slashed the prices of 256kbps unlimited plan

Starting next month, Hathway has introduced a new plan – Freeway Flexi, which offers the same terms and conditions as my current plans but has reduced their rates to Rs. 730 p.m.. For the same, we need to mail their officers to get shift to the new plan. I will still get my 256kbps unlimited with a static IP. Let's hope the things don't get messed up after changing the plans. For the change to be effective, I will need to pay the next bill in advance. I am planning to shift to it in a week or so. Let's hope it's just reduced tariff, nothing else is reduced. I did inquire for a 512kbps plan too, but it costs Rs. 1800 p.m., which is on the higher side

. If they bring it down to Rs. 1300-1400 I am so willing to subscribe to it. When will I see mbps speeds on Hathway, which was one of the first movers to 256kbps.

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