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Patching again

Seems like I will be doing some serious bug hunting today. No complaints. It’s all fun.

So, while updating world, gettext started failing on me. So, I went back to to look out for any useful bug reports.

Sure there was one with the same problems.

As per Bug 206495, there’s a problem with the ebuild


gettext-0.17 ebuild uses ’emake install’ where it should use ’emake -j1

install’. </quote>

So, once again I got on with the process

1) Copy /usr/portage/sys-devel/gettext to /usr/local/portage/sys-devel/gettext

2) Open the ebuild in you favourite editor and edit the emake line to add -ji and save it

3)  Run the following command

ebuild gettext-0.17.ebuild digest

4) Now emerge gettext again and you should be ready to go 🙂

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