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Never the Ideator…

The most valuable and sought after people are the idea people. These are the people who bring in the new ideas, bring in the excitement, are well known.

Unfortunately, I have never been the idea guy. For a long time it did bother me. But, looking back at things and having heard from people who have done a lot, I feel good to know that I have been involved since the inception of some of the interesting communities and have even helped drive forward a few of them.

I was involved with the conception of Mumbai Python User’s Group(!forum/mumpy) and Mumbai Javascript Group(!forum/mumbaijs) which finally led to Mumbai Technology Meetup( I’ve also been active organizer of these meetups.

I have been one of the people who got started with Mumbai Sea Swimmers( and we have been regularly conducting swims off the Mumbai coast.

This month, a friend came up with the idea of coffee brewer’s club and we started off with Mumbai Coffee Brewers Meet (

Besides these I have been part of the volunteer team at BarCamp Mumbai, Indian Linux User’s Group Bombay, BRM cycling events.

At this point I have come to a realization that I have played my role of being an executioner of the idea. And in couple of cases, I have also been the one to move things from ideas to reality. This is something that I need to come to terms with and work on furthering my execution skills into doing something successful. That success is one thing that eludes me.

Success is hard, it’ll require me to work a lot harder and believe a lot more. I need to raise myself a few notches higher in the upcoming years to taste that elusive success. My success may never be in terms of the Ideator but I can definitely be the driver of the successful initiative and I hope I see that day.

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