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Look who’s conning too

I had almost given up blogging but came across this nice incident so had to post it.

This is a true incident that happened with my friend rahul, who’s been looking to try linux but he’s a dumbhead when it comes to technology.

This dude, Utsav came on digit forum and announced that he was selling linux 10 cd’s for Rs. 1500 each. But that thread was locked by the Admin before he could get to talk with the fellow

So, next day he decided to add this fellow to my yahoo list and have a good deal with him there.

What follows hereon is the log of what transpired in the deal between them

(23:41:36) utsav: hey

(23:41:39) : Buzz!!

(23:41:46) utsav: want 2 talk or not?

(23:42:09) utsav: r u there?

(23:42:19) rahul: sorry i was away

(23:42:31) utsav: ok

(23:42:43) rahul: which linux have you got?

(23:43:08) utsav: UBunt version 6.1

(23:43:41) utsav: so, do u want?

(23:44:03) : Buzz!!

(23:44:13) rahul: you only have ubuntu? i wanted the best linux, red hat

(23:44:47) utsav: Yes, I have only UBuntu. It is original and cheap than red hat and others.

(23:45:00) utsav: unused, no scratch

(23:45:05) rahul: is it good?

(23:45:17) utsav: perhaps, yes

(23:45:42) utsav: do u want 2 buy?

(23:45:48) rahul: yeah

(23:46:06) utsav: ok

(23:46:07) utsav: so..

(23:46:30) rahul: where are you from?

(23:46:47) utsav: Mathura

(23:47:06) rahul: how will you send me the cd?

(23:47:29) utsav: where do u live?

(23:47:46) rahul: mumbai

(23:47:50) utsav: thru courier or through parcel.

(23:48:13) rahul: ok

(23:48:46) utsav: ok

(23:49:18) utsav: so

(23:49:27) utsav: when do you want?

(23:49:38) rahul: give me one ubuntu cd

(23:49:53) utsav: OK

(23:50:07) utsav: when do you want?

(23:50:24) rahul: by when can you send it to me

(23:50:45) utsav: as soon as I receive the payment

(23:51:04) rahul: how should i pay you?

(23:51:18) utsav: through money order

(23:51:50) rahul: but you will surely send the cd?

(23:52:03) utsav: yes, sure

(23:52:09) utsav: after receiving the payment

(23:52:23) rahul: ok i will send the money order

(23:52:25) rahul: how much?

(23:52:45) utsav: Rs. 3999

(23:53:30) utsav: OK?

(23:53:58) rahul: that’s too much dude

(23:54:07) rahul: reduce it a bit

(23:54:14) utsav: ok

(23:54:34) utsav: Rs. 3500 /- Its the original CD dude.

(23:55:03) utsav: now OK?

(23:55:23) rahul: you said 1500 earlier

(23:55:33) utsav: when earlier?

(23:55:50) rahul: in the forum

(23:55:58) utsav: digit forum?

(23:56:11) utsav: OK, Rs. 2000 final

(23:56:18) utsav: not lower than that.

(23:56:28) rahul: but you said 1500 earlier

(23:57:00) utsav: amount raised dude, after I saw the prices of original cds.

(23:57:34) rahul: what are the price of original cd’s

(23:58:07) utsav: Rs. 2999 for original game CDs and I m giving you original OS CD for just Rs. 2000

(23:58:24) rahul: but what is the original price of linux cd?

(23:58:57) utsav: frm Rs. 4500 to Rs. 6000

(23:59:46) rahul: then how can you sell it for so less?

(00:00:06) utsav: I have about 10 CDs, that’s why.

(00:00:12) rahul: ok

(00:00:34) rahul: so to what address should i send the payment

(00:00:47) utsav: to

(00:01:11) utsav: Utsav Mehra, Qtr. no. 9/23, Mathura Refinery Nagar, Mathura – 281006, U.P

(00:01:45) rahul: ok i will send it in a day or two. i will tell you from yahoo then

(00:01:55) utsav: ur address?

(00:02:09) utsav: means, where the CD has to b delievered

(00:02:16) rahul: but i am getting suspicious. how can you sell it for so low. there has to be some defects

(00:02:25) utsav: no man

(00:02:28) utsav: no defects.

(00:02:32) utsav: no scratch

(00:02:40) utsav: 100% original

(00:02:45) utsav: unused

(00:03:08) rahul: my address is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (address has been removed on rahul’s insitance)

(00:03:17) rahul: then why so low price

(00:03:57) utsav: because I have many same CDs

(00:04:08) rahul: so it reduces the price?

(00:04:26) utsav: I can give you 20-30 CDs, in exchange of a mobile with camera or Ipod or PS

(00:04:29) utsav: *PSP

(00:04:39) rahul: dude i heard we can hack from linux? is it true

(00:05:14) utsav: perhap yes, moreover it has less chances of getting viruses

(00:05:35) rahul: perhap yes? we can hack na?

(00:05:56) utsav: yes

(00:06:01) utsav: but I don’t know 2 hack

(00:06:05) rahul: ok

(00:06:35) rahul: but can we do it?

(00:06:49) utsav: yes re

(00:07:08) rahul: and it’s good na this ububunto?

(00:07:15) rahul: i heard red hat is good

(00:07:28) utsav: this 2 is good.

(00:07:39) utsav: its the latest 6.1 version

(00:07:57) rahul: better than red hat?

(00:08:36) utsav: this thing I don’t know.

(00:08:49) rahul: 🙁

(00:08:52) rahul: ok will do

(00:09:07) utsav: but

(00:09:18) utsav: don’t worry, you will be satisfied with this version.

(00:09:36) rahul: it is easy to use na?

(00:10:03) utsav: yes, after u install

(00:10:12) utsav: installing is same as windows.

(00:10:27) rahul: good

(00:10:47) rahul: can i have your mobile no. in case i need it while sending the MO

(00:11:11) utsav: well, I can’t give the mobile no.

(00:11:16) utsav: just message on YM

(00:11:37) rahul: arre how will i message from outside.

(00:11:45) rahul: why can’t you give mobile no.?

(00:11:53) rahul: i feel you are giving fake cd’s

(00:12:03) utsav: no man

(00:12:08) utsav: 100% original

(00:12:18) rahul: then why can’t you give me your mobile no.?

(00:12:33) utsav: I can give you 20-30 CDs, in exchange of a mobile with camera or Ipod or PSP

(00:12:35) utsav: ok

(00:12:38) utsav: take then.

(00:12:42) utsav: here it is

(00:12:51) utsav: 9412729784

(00:12:57) rahul: i can’t pay that much dude

(00:13:36) utsav: I ca’t make less than that

(00:13:39) rahul: plz give one cd for 1500

(00:13:54) utsav: sry man, that will be too low.

(00:13:59) utsav: Rs. 2000 is OK

(00:14:04) rahul: plz plz plz

(00:14:11) rahul: you said on the forum for 1500

(00:14:21) rahul: i want to have linux

(00:14:44) utsav: sry man

(00:14:48) utsav: Rs.2000

(00:14:56) utsav: its the lowest.

(00:15:23) rahul: ok 1700

(00:15:33) utsav: sry man

(00:15:40) utsav: Rs.2000 is the lowest

(00:15:44) rahul: 🙁

(00:16:05) utsav: OK, buy two CDs for Rs.3500

(00:16:41) rahul: 2cd’s ka kya karoon?

(00:16:57) utsav: u give it 2 sum1 else.

(00:17:14) rahul: but i will only give 3300 for 2 cd’s

(00:17:43) utsav: why so?

(00:18:04) utsav: I m giving 2 CDs 4 Rs.3500 that is already low

(00:18:34) utsav: so?

(00:18:39) rahul: i said 1 cd for 1700

(00:18:48) rahul: so 2 has to be for something less

(00:18:55) utsav: no

(00:19:30) utsav: I m giving 1 CD for Rs.2000 and 2 CDs for Rs.3500 Rs.500 less!!

(00:20:07) rahul: ok

(00:20:44) utsav: so, done?

(00:21:08) rahul: ok done

(00:21:28) utsav: OK, inform me when you send the money order.

(00:21:50) rahul: ok i will inform you after sending the money order

(00:22:03) utsav: OK

(00:22:17) rahul: but what if it is defective?

(00:22:33) utsav: it will be not.

(00:22:44) utsav: 100% non-defective.

(00:22:48) utsav: trust me.

(00:23:03) utsav: so, done?

(00:23:41) utsav: Everything cleared?

(00:24:03) rahul: but if i send you the money and i don’t get anything then?

(00:24:31) utsav: why will u not get? I promise to send u after receiving the money.

(00:25:34) rahul: because people always get the order first then pay.

(00:25:43) rahul: why can’t you send it by VPP?

(00:25:59) utsav: VPP? full form?

(00:26:04) rahul: then i will only get the cd’s after paying. so no one will have problems

(00:26:29) utsav: man, trust me.

(00:26:48) utsav: I will 100% surely send u.

(00:26:58) rahul: VPP means you send the cd, it stays with post office, then i have to pay, only thne i get the cd

(00:27:01) utsav: I never cheat anyone.

(00:27:04) rahul: so no one will loose

(00:27:16) utsav: and why will I do so?

(00:27:57) utsav: well, I will send thru courier or parcel

(00:28:18) utsav: trust me dude.

(00:28:19) utsav: u even have my mobile no.

(00:28:19) utsav: U will not have any problem.

(00:28:25) rahul: ok

(00:29:08) utsav: ok

(00:29:09) utsav: so

(00:29:09) utsav: done

(00:29:16) utsav: inform me after sendng the MO

(00:29:16) utsav: thanks.

(00:29:19) rahul: ok done

(00:29:22) utsav: bye

(00:29:36) rahul: bye

(00:29:44) utsav logged out If this wasn’t enough, he came back for a few more words

(00:36:50) utsav: hey

(00:36:50) utsav: 1 more thingf

(00:37:09) : Buzz!!

(00:37:10) utsav: 1 more thing.

(00:37:22) rahul: what?

(00:37:36) : Buzz!!

(00:37:47) utsav: the, shipping is not free

(00:38:01) rahul: how much for it?

(00:38:03) utsav: so send Rs 2100 and the extra money, I will return.

(00:38:15) rahul: for 2 cd’s?

(00:38:29) rahul: but i thought you were sending it via mail

(00:38:38) utsav: that’s it.

(00:38:44) utsav: thanks

(00:38:52) utsav: yes

(00:39:03) utsav: how many CDs r u going 2 buy?

(00:39:05) rahul: then what shipping charges?

(00:39:09) rahul: yeah 2 cd’s

(00:39:18) utsav: 2 CDs, ok

(00:39:26) utsav: I will send thru parcel or curire na

(00:39:31) rahul: ok

(00:39:33) utsav: *courier

(00:39:36) utsav: for that

(00:39:40) rahul: then why shipping charge?

(00:40:02) utsav: I will have 2 pay 4 sending the CDs, right?

(00:40:29) rahul: but you are sending my post so how shipping charge?

(00:40:31) utsav: 4 = for

(00:41:30) utsav: o man, u think that if I send thru post, I will not have to pay?

(00:41:33) utsav: Its wrong.

(00:41:48) utsav: I will have to pay to the company who posts the CDs from me to you.

(00:42:13) utsav: around Rs.50 to Rs.75 or so.

(00:42:20) rahul: ok

(00:42:33) utsav: understood?

(00:43:23) rahul: arre i am already paying you 3500 adjust 50 rs in that now

(00:44:15) utsav: so, just send me Rs.3600 and the money which will be extra after shipping, I will send u back.

(00:44:17) utsav: that’s it.

(00:44:25) rahul: ok

(00:44:32) utsav: OK

(00:44:34) utsav: dont

(00:44:36) utsav: thank you

(00:44:38) utsav: bye

(00:44:42) rahul: bye

(00:44:46) utsav logged out.

That’s the end of the talk then. This fellow utsav is trying to send the cd’s directly via shipit services of ubuntu to rahul’s house. So, it wouldn’t even cost him anything, while he’ll make a cool Rs. 3600 for nothing.

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