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Food, Fun and Frolic – A Fantastic Friendship Day

I just had about 2 hours of nice sleep, after having been awake whole saturday night doing nothing fun. Then my friend called me up at around 12p.m.. My group of friends from VJTI were meeting up at our usual place near Ruia college. I met them up at around 2 p.m.. We sat and chatted for the next one hour at the place discussing about what's going on with jobs and interviews scenario amoung ourselves. After that we decided to visit Baghdadi's, a small restaurant at Colaba known for it's non-veg food and serving size. So, after wasting another half an hour deciding mode of transport and destination to meet up at, me and another friend reached the place by bike while the rest of them took a train to CST, despite telling them to take one for Churchgate

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