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Flock Preview

I downloaded flock browser a couple of days ago. At first I thought it would be just the same ol’ overhyped browser. Still, I decided to have a look around. When I first opened it I was “WOW!” it simply looks better than the other browsers I’ve seen though not the best. Even though its a developer preview only still it works so well yet to encounter a bug in it. Also, a free invite to WordPress was great. I also loved the idea of saving bookmarks online. It seems quite similar to Firefox but missing the bells and whistles. Whoa! wait there it is still a prerelease version and we should be expecting all the extensions and themes to be out soon. It seems a great help for bloggers. And its interface seems clean and nice,too. But as for me. But, for me its gonna be Opera. I’m so used to it. Also, it feels much faster than others and more feature rich. But, that’s again my personal preference.

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