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Better Late Then Never

The title relates to 2 dependent things that happened in the last 2 days. One is the convocation certificate and other is a visit to Mumbai University. Last Sunday a friend scrapped me on orkut if I had got my convocation form, other had already received it. Then I called a couple of friends and realised that they'd received their convocation certificates around a month back. So, on Tuesday I went to Mumbai University's Fort branch and inquired about it. They told me that convocation inquiries are handled by Convocation Department at Kalina. So, this led to my first visit to University at Kalina. Had to travel in train after quite a long time, as I had no idea about the directions. So, I thought It would be better to take public transport. At the first sight of the University at Kalina I was really surprised. I knew it'd be big but never thought it would be so huge. It must atleast be 5-6 times the Fort campus, even bigger than IIT, Powai I'd guess. I was promptly directed at the right section, the Convocation section, with short and clear instructions on how to reach there. Simply take left, right, left, right, right from the main gate. I had no difficulty in finding the place, really nice. But, I had to return back home empty handed the first day as I left the recipt in other purse, at home. But, the visit was fun. Next day I decided to rather go on the bike and explore around the campus. On day 2 I reached just before the lunch time and hoped to finish the work soon and explore the campus. But, they couldn't find the certificate anywhere or it's entry in the record books. By the time they could search it was already lunch hour. So, I had to wait another hour for lunch to get over. Then I took my bike and took 2 rounds of the campus as I had an hour to kill and nothing really to do. It took me about 10-15 mins to go around all the corners of the campus. They had so many buildings for different departments. Alas, lot of that space is just lying as a waste. Nothing but some wild grass growing there. I went again at 2pm once the lunch was over. Again, the search for the certificate started. Unfortunately due to an error in the certificate, it took them really long to find it. They put me in Accountancy and Finance instead of Banking and Insurance. Funnily, my college doesn't even offer Accountancy and Finance. They passed the blame saying confusion was caused becuase we are the first batch of Banking and Insurance. Also, the Accountancy and Finance was the first batch to pass out. So, atlast I thought I will get my certificate now. Alas, it will take them atleast 1 more month to correct the error. Argh! I so hate the way these people work. A month to correct this one thing . Thankfully they've said I won't have to run around to them again. It will come to me by post. This way I saw Mumbai University atlast. And hopefully I will get the certificate soon too without to much hassle.

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