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Yesterday was a day when I ended up being so pissed off on myself, I've never been there ever before. A whole new experience for me. At this I realised that I have never blogged about myself, just about my surroundings, happenings and experiences. Thus, I'd like to dedicate this blog to a small happening that occurred yesterday and made me stop and think about my priorities. The first thing, I forgot a friend's birthday. I don't like forgetting people's birthdays. Whenever it happens, I end up angry on myself. Still, luckily I ended up being there to wish her when the whole group had decided to meet up. I joined them up and had a good time with them. What happened henceforth made me write the post. Since I was still within office hours, I decided to leave them mid-way and go to the office. At any other time it'd be a sensible and right decision but not this time around. I knew that I did not have any work at the office, I'd just go there and [b]waste[/b] my time. And that's exactly what happened! Nothing worse than sitting idle at office and the fact that I let go of having good time friends makes it even worse. As it is, I hardly meet them up these days due to mismatch of timings. One opportunity and I let go. What makes it even worse still is that I decided to go back to the office since I didn't want to loose Rs. 200 that gets cut for half day at office. Now you see why the whole melodrama? The fact that I put money before friends is what's hurting me. Money's important to me at this stage where I am but not at the cost of my relations. The latter's way more costly to lose. Well it's not all downhill, there are a couple of good things too. I have been cycling and gymming regularly and playing cricket on weekends. Sports and exercises are an important part of my life. Devoting time to them feels awesome. Also, the fact that I've been doing what's on my mind. In the past I used to hold myself off and let the opportunity pass. Some simple incidents as getting ticket for the old man who had to get off at the next stop but couldn't reach the conductor to discouraging a person from spitting on the road or cycling to work, not caring about what people say. Small incidents like these make me feel happy that I am doing something instead of just sitting back. Hopefully I'll take it ahead and do better things to contribute to getting things better. Cause the best thing it does is build up my confidence and make me feel happier.

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